ICBINB@NeurIPS 2022: Understanding Deep Learning through Empirical Falsification

We are happy to announce that there will be a 3rd Edition of ICBINB NeurIPS workshop next December 2022! This will be the first in-person ICBINB event, all details below:
3rd Neurips Workshop 2022: “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better: Understanding Deep Learning Through Empirical Falsification”

In the longer-term…

Here a list of events/activities that we would like to promote moving forward. If any of these resonate with you and you would like to help us make it a reality, please reach out!

  1. A monthly seminar series for sharing stories from or about research
  2. A journal special issue for “beautiful ideas without bold numbers
  3. Matchmaking platform: supportive reviewing process to help papers reach the final line
  4. Blog for sharing stories from or about research, unexpected negative results that would otherwise be forgotten
  5. …. and much more! Stay tuned 🙂